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Collaborative law is a unique process used to resolve family law and divorce disputes in a cooperative and respectful way. Both parties retain separate divorce lawyers who help to settle the case. Collaborative law is a process of open communication between the parties and their respective divorce attorneys. The participants agree to work together in a settlement-oriented manner. They agree to be respectful, honest, and to participate in good faith to try to reach an agreement in a no-conflict setting.

What is the Divorce Process for Collaborative law?

The process utilizes informal discovery, such as the voluntary exchange of documents and the use of agreed-upon neutral experts. The lawyers assist the clients in determining the information both parties need in order to reach a settlement. This informal discovery can save time and money for the clients.

The collaborative law process is designed to help couples resolve their disputes in a together. Both parties are represented by their own divorce lawyer, who helps to facilitate negotiations and settlement discussions. The parties agree to be open and honest with each other, and to work together in good faith to try to reach an agreement. This process can save time and money, and can help to reduce the stress and conflict associated with divorce cases in Houston. This is also a great benefit when children are involved in the process.

If you are considering a divorce, or if you are already in the midst of a divorce, you may want to consider the collaborative law process. This process can help you to resolve your disputes in a cooperative and respectful manner, while saving time and money.

Could This Lead To A More Stress-Free Divorce?

Collaborative law is less stressful for a divorce case because it keeps the parties out of the courtroom. This means that there is minimized conflict and stress caused by having to litigate the issues in the case. The parties and lawyers work together to reach a solution, oftentimes more creative and custom-made to the issues in the case , that is in the best interests of the family. The terms of the settlement are memorialized in a written agreement, which is then submitted to the court for approval.

Collaborative law also allows the parties to maintain control over their divorce process and outcome. In litigation, the Judge makes the decisions and the parties must comply with those decisions, whether they agree with them or not. This can often lead to further conflict and stress. In the collaborative process, the parties make their own decisions about how to resolve the issues in their case and what is in the best interests of their family.

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